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Well...Shall We Dance?

Well...Shall We Dance?

Raves | Parties | Drugs | Alcohol
Im Tyler, 19; 6'4". From Westchester PA. Taken.
this song is called Sly Fox by KOAN Sound, yes its my URL.
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.............We Are All Mad Here...........
-The Mad Hatter

Sexist girl I’ve ever met. and of all places, I meet her at the sunoco that I go to everyday for work. Finna make her mine.

Holy shit. Gina. Ur a dream. Never thought I’d meet a girl doing construction…lol.


Magical Mystery Tour, 1967.

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Lamborghini & Koenigsegg Booty





Gnar bruh


Sometimes It feels like there’s a little whole in my chest that u took when u left me. Like all the scars and the memories of the good times we shared. They’ll never fade or heal. It will always hurt to think about you. But I know it’s in my best interest to leave you because u weren’t a very good friend. And an even worse girlfriend….like that gotye song says..”you can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness.” It’s so true. I see it in so many relationships. It’s so sad. One of the cruelest tricks our creators played on us. Part of me firmly believes that ‘earth’ is another world’s hell…sometimes it just makes sense that we are all doomed to spend an entire lifetime on the pursuit of hapiness…key word being ‘pursuit’

Pursuit - the action of following or pursuing someone or something.
Or in other words…a never ending chase to catch something that doesn’t exist….

It’s sad, but to me… it seems the longer I’m alive the more and more it seems to make sense that everyone on earth is serving a life time sentence of consistant, inevitable, cruel punishment for something.

'IF you wanna get down, DOWN on the ground…'
*leans down and sniffs*